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Mission Statement

The Evansville Police Department Foundation is dedicated to preserving the public trust through community support, working to improve our city through efforts not funded through the department budget.

2014 Policeman's Ball

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Again this year, The Foundation will award eight $2,000 Scholarships.  Information on eligibility and how to apply may be accessed using the Scholarship tab.

As technology rapidly advances, new tools become available to enhance the work of law enforcement.  However, with routine demands on the Evansville Police Department's general fund, there are limited resources for securing special equipment.  The EPD Foundation hopes to supplement departmental assets by purchasing these types of tools.  

Specialized training is critical to EPD in order to keep up with current trends in crime as well as learning new methods used by law enforcement.  As our general fund has a limited training budget, the Foundation will make it possible for officers to take advantage of specialized training as it becomes available.

Emergency fund
Over the years, EPD employees have suffered from personal tragedy--fire, tornadoes, family illness, etc.  The foundation hopes to alleviate some of the financial burdens incurred during these times of need.  To date, EPDF has assisted seven employees due to extended illness, family illness and death, and a flooding disaster


The Foundation at Work
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The Evansville Police Department Foundation offers several ways for you to support its activities with your charitable donation. Some of these are:

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